Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with a simple but elegant unibody

design. It is one of the best mobile phones of this year. The handsets are available at an attractive price range and are available with many lucrative offers. Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with a smooth unibody design where the main body of the gadget is made of polycarbonate material. The backside of this mobile phone is completely flat with smooth black screen on it. galaxy a12

Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with a unique unibody design that is not seen in any other device of this class. This device is designed in such a way that it allows for slim bezels which make the gadget look elegant. The phone is also offered in three color options namely Black, Blue and Pink. The back side of this gadget has a smooth gradient design segregated into two sections. There is also a capacitive home button on the top row of the gadget along with volume controls, camera as well as power keys and an infrared scanner on the bottom side.

Apart from the high end appearance and the neat look this device also offers users with some remarkable features. It has a high resolution display of Quad HD with a pixel density of 4015 pixels which makes this gadget perfect for those who are looking for a powerful device. With a single hand, the user can easily snap photos of high quality with the help of a single touch. Users can also enjoy quick music play with the help of a physical Control Center which acts as a home to all the important features of Samsung Galaxy A12.

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