Big Deal Features and Functions – Oppo F19 Pro 5G Review


Oppo F19 Pro is the perfect modern cell phone for anyone who’s always on the go. This small, stylish device with advanced GPS technology is a perfect companion for the gardener in you. It can help you find where that pesky deer has been hiding and provides you with all the information necessary to tag that deer and return it to the human population. The Oppo F19 Pro is compact, fast, Oppo F19 Pro 5G features high-tech voice activation and has a variety of handy extras. When I want to take my cell phone with me, I know that this device will fit into my bag easily and be prepared for whatever life may throw at me.

I like the fact that I can take as many pictures as I’d like and that the camera does not require memory cards or additional storage space. What I don’t like is that the device requires that I hold my phone vertically or at an awkward angle so that I can see the screen clearly and take the desired picture. I also don’t like holding a phone at such an angle while taking a video. The Oppo F19 Pro’s camera is just as easy to use as any cell phone out on the market and as long as you know how to operate it, you’ll have no problems taking quality pictures and videos and sharing them with friends and family.

The F19 Pro has a built-in LCD screen that gives you a view of the scene as you’re filming it. If you need to focus the camera, you’ll do it while still holding the camera. To access the menu, you just touch the screen and use the conveniently placed menu keypad. You can also access the settings from this screen.

The exposure control dial allows you to set the level of light you want the camera to expose your image to. The flash control lets you determine whether you want to use a regular flash or an infrared flash. You can also adjust the shutter speed to control the amount of time the photo or video will be recorded. The F19 Pro offers manual flash control in case you want to shoot in manual mode without having to resort to using the auto flash function.

The lens has a very large viewing area that provides a clear view of your subject. If you prefer to use a camera with a wide angle, this lens has a surprisingly wide field of view, covering a significant portion of the area between your center-point and the object you are zooming in on. It may not be as wide as some compact digital cameras, but if you need to cover a large area with your lens, this is one model that you won’t regret purchasing. The lens hood is also removable for easy cleaning and features a filter wheel to eliminate dust buildup.

One thing the Oppo F19 Pro doesn’t have that others do is an internal flash for shooting in manual mode. It does offer a self-timer, but you have to touch the camera a few times to start it. It also doesn’t have an optical zoom, like some other compact cameras. However, these are minor flaws when you consider all of the benefits the Oppo F19 Pro has to offer.

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