3 Tips to effectively use custom stickers for your marketing campaign



Using stickers for marketing is a great idea. But it can be tricky to action. Especially if this is your first touchpoint with sticker marketing, you might wonder how you can use your stickers most effectively. 


We have answers for you. Below, you will find our top three tips on using marketing or promotional stickers to enrich your marketing campaign. We will supply you with plenty of inspiration and ideas. 


But first things first: If you are still struggling with finding a reliable sticker maker, check out this UK-based business for great quality and speedy delivery. After all, you need amazing stickers before you can start using them. 

So, let us jump right into the many ways you can make stickers work. 


  1. Information that sells 


One of the most common uses of stickers and labels is on products or packaging. Stickers are perfect for that, as they are usually cheaper than custom printed packaging materials. However, there is a way you can even make this trend more effective. 


When we design product labels, we are often working with a lot of text that has to fit onto limited space. A 10x10cm product label is typically simply impossible. 


Instead of aiming to fill every part of your label with text, embrace the so-called white space. That is space that was left blank intentionally. When you do that, you allow the most important and persuasive product information to shine – and sell. 


  1. Get creative 


With stickers, you can let your creativity run free. Especially, custom stickers mean that you will not be stuck with generic designs. Instead, you can get your own design printed. 


Make use of this when you use stickers for your packaging. Whereas printed packaging is expensive and rather static, stickers keep you flexible. This enables you to run limited edition campaigns or offer seasonal packaging. 


All you have to do for that is order a different batch of stickers and apply them to your shipping boxes and envelopes, shopping bags, or other packaging materials. This way, you can keep surprising consumers with different designs and keep your brand interesting. 


  1. Spread the love 


If stickers are one thing, they are sharable. They were meant to be shared and seen – exactly what you want from a successful marketing campaign. 


You can reap the benefits of this by adding free branded stickers with every purchase. This automatically spreads the word about your business. Stickers also fly under the radar when it comes to marketing: when we receive a free sticker, we consider it to be a gift rather than an advertising tool. 


This means your customers will be much more open to actually using your stickers. To give them the best possible experience, invest in custom vinyl stickers. These are waterproof and scratch-resistant, which means your customers can use them any way they want to. 


And now it’s your turn. How do you want to use your stickers to create a brilliant marketing campaign? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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